Our Warranty

Solar Panel Installation

New Customers Warranty:

Our current warranty is listed herein.

  • Panels:         25 Years Manufacturer Warranty

  • Inverters:     25 Years Manufacturer Warranty

  • Optimizers: 25 Years Manufacturer Warranty

  • Racking:      25 Years Manufacturer Warranty

  • Batteries:    10 Years Manufacturer Warranty

  • Roof:           10 Years (at penetration points)

  • Workmanship: 10 Year Warranty

  • Warranties include labor required to replace manufacturer warrantied items.

  • Please note that the final warranty may be slightly different depending on equipment installed. The final warranty will be as per your contract.

Solar Insurance (Optional):

A solar insurance policy extends your warranties out to 30 years for a small fee. The policy protects you (in case a manufacturer goes out of business) and it protects us covering the labor costs if we end up replacing multiple warrantied components. Call us for more details.

Existing Customers:

Please refer to your contract for the specific warranty at the time of your install. Warranties vary over time, both our warranty and the manufacturer warranty on your solar components.