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Calling all Solar Installers

Solar Panel Installation

Are you losing money sending technicians to do on-site troubleshooting?

Those technicians could be installing new solar systems.

Are you falling behind on back office work?

Are you leaving money on the table with RMAs and labor reimbursements?

Let us handle the work that you don't have time for, don't like, or aren't able to complete. Focus on what you like doing. Let us take care of the rest. Below is a current list of our onsite and remote services.

Remote Services:

-Solar system troubleshooting and remote diagnosis

-Network connectivity troubleshooting and reestablishment

-SolarEdge RMA submissions

-SolarEdge labor reimbursement submissions


On-Site Services:

-Solar system troubleshooting and diagnosis

-Network connectivity troubleshooting and repair

-SolarEdge cell card replacement

-SolarEdge Zigbee WiFi device replacement

-SolarEdge communication board replacement

-Inverter replacement

-Optimizer replacement

-Panel replacement

We are adding additional services all the time. If you need a specific service, contact us and we will see if we can add it to the list.

Southern California Solar Installers:

Let us put our skills and experience to work for you, so you can focus on selling and installing solar. Even if you want to complete the repair, let us diagnosis it for you (remotely if able) and get the parts ordered, so you only have to send the technician once.


Non-Southern California Installers:

We can still assist you, but only with the back office tasks and the remote troubleshooting options.

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